Digital Transformation? What is this? 

The information technology revolution is 75 years old. Yes, since the late 1930s and on, electro-mechanical and then totally electronic computation systems were being developed, tested, and literally debugged.

Many of the inventions we take for granted today did not exist 75 years ago, but they were nevertheless envisioned and predicted. See Vannevar Bush’s Atlantic Article As We May Think to see what future was predicted.

Can we now predict what our lives will look like with technology in the year 2100?

I bet we can!

So part of the process of predicting the future will be understanding the transformation taking place today across industry, the home, work, research labs, and wherever learning, exploration, and knowledge development and acquisition is taking place. It is these topics I hope we can discuss and consider how our lives will be impacted.

Thank you for joining with me on this Digital Transformation exploration.

Joseph L. Ortiz

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