Joe Ortiz 2018

Note from Joseph L. Ortiz

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The global economy is undergoing a fundamental transformation based on advances in the development and deployment of science and technology-based systems, products, and services. Over the next decades, our societies will be fundamentally redesigned based on developments in manufacturing, energy, transportation, media and entertainment, healthcare and life sciences, finance and banking, and consumer packaged goods (CPG). Domain-specific structured knowledge driving data capture, data aggregation, automated analysis, driving computer and human-based control systems will be the common denominator driving the digital transformation redesign of these industries.

It is an exciting time for mankind, as information has become commoditized, available anywhere and anytime. It is as a result of structuring domain-based information into actionable, automatable, shareable/interoperable, and machine-understandable digital knowledge that industries will be transformed.

Thank you for your time and enjoy the discussion.

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Joe Ortiz

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